Defining the Limits of Performance

Mechanical Testing Services was founded to meet the growing need for mechanical testing for oil and gas equipment. Conveniently located just 40 miles from Houston, we offer comprehensive testing that exposes your equipment to the stresses and temperatures it will encounter at the wellsite and downhole.

We strive to provide added value to our customers by meeting their unique needs. Through a special arrangement with Frank's, we're able to perform your make-break cycles with the same tools and tongs that will be used in the field.

We never forget we are in a service industry. Our pledge is courteous, professional customer service.

Mechanical Testing Services, LLC

Why Choose Mechanical Testing Services, LLC?

1New, state-of-the-art mechanical testing facility engineered for YOUR success


2Fast, efficient services with automated, computer-controlled testing systems


3Speedy access to the answers you need -- real-time data securely streamed


4Safety-first modern facility, which reduces human exposure to hazards


5Experienced staff with more than 30 years of testing experience


6Convenient location, close to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin


dedicated to your success

Protect Your Investment

Consistency, reliability, and accuracy
Alarms, halts, and fail safes
Automatic and smart scan: R&D limit data
Secure live streaming globally: data, graphics, and video